2023 Commutator estimates for normal operators in factors with applications to derivations


Alexei Ber, Matthijs Borst, Fedor Sukochev

2022 On the isomorphism classes of q-Gaussian C*-algebras for infinite variables

Accepted in Proceedings of American Mathematical Society

Matthijs Borst, Martijn Caspers, Mario Klisse, Mateusz Wasilewski

2022 Bimodule Coefficients, Riesz transforms on Coxeter groups and strong solidity.

Accepted in the Journal of Groups, Geometry and Dynamics

Matthijs Borst, Martijn Caspers, Mateusz Wasilewski

2021 A multidimensional solution to additive homological equations.

Izvestiya Mathematics

Alexei Ber, Matthijs Borst, Sander Borst, Fedor Sukochev

2019 Full proof of Kwapién's theorem on representing bounded mean zero functions on [0,1]

Studia Mathematica

Alexei Ber, Matthijs Borst, Fedor Sukochev